Twit on Twitter...

Do you feel like a twit on Twitter?

I was the Twit, twittering around on Twitter..... and then I was introduced to Tweet Eye.

What is Tweet Eye you ask?

"Tweet eye is a powerful tool used with social media to link your eBay, Etsy, website and RSS images to social media accounts (in my case Twitter) using the power of hashtags and images to increase visitor traffic".
"...really value the few users who use the service, and their opinion. Instructing the few is just as important as reaching the masses" - Chris Collins (Co-founder)
I am in my mid-thirties, so the hashtag world was new to me when it first started, but I find myself these days #hashtagging #everything.

I had found a program that could organise my tweets, or schedules as they are called, at times that I would not be around. I had finally found my imaginary partner to sort my life out....

Let's delve into the Developers of Tweet Eye...

Christopher Collins, mixed British of English and Welsh decent, was born in East Africa and raised in West Africa, is the Co-Founder of Tweet Eye. He and his partner Barbara  Heneghan founded Picality Limited in 2017.

Growing up in West and East Africa, where there was no welfare, and there was extreme poverty, Christopher graduated with a Law Degree in 1998. After getting his Degree, he did various security cleared roles in London where he used Excel and Data Analysis skills that he had learnt from his father, who had been a Chartered Accountant. Between 2003 and 2013 Chris worked as a commission analyst for mobile phone retail companies.
"It wasn't like I was designing NASA's next space launch mission" - Chris Collins (Co-founder)
An opportunity was identified for people to be able to automate their incomes by connecting sellers to potential buyers on Social Media and Tweet Eye was born.

With the help of independent computer programmers and funding by a former employer, John Turner, the concept of Tweet Eye was conceived as a download in 2012.

In 2015, a former client Kevin Smith, funded the development of a web-based Tweet Eye, and the Irish Government, through Enterprise Ireland, invested further funding into the concept in 2017.

Another past client asked Christopher to investigate what RSS feeds were. He had heard about them and had wondered if they could be used to promote his business on Twitter. In doing the research, Christopher learned about eBay and Amazon having RSS feeds, and he discovered that passed RSS feeds to Twitter. is now defunct.

The simple idea of Tweet Eye grew from there and John Turner and Christopher's past client became investors.

Christopher Collins - Co-founder of Tweet Eye
"If you ever set your heart on a good idea, the resistance to it will come in many forms" - Chris Collins (Co-founder)

Barbara Heneghan ran a micro business focusing on connecting back to nature, before joining the Tweet Eye team. Barbara sold products on selling platforms like Etsy and eBay, but struggled to be seen amidst the clutter of thousands upon thousands of listings. Having started to use Tweet Eye to promote her offers on social media, she increased her sales by up to 300%.

The innovation of Tweet Eye extracts images and texts from the seller's website and online selling platforms and sends them as posts to the social media feeds where potential buyers can see them.

The "Market Intelligence" feature combines data mining and hashtag analysis to detect trends on social media and identify terms used by the relevant audience to maximize sales conversions.

The "Scheduling" feature automatically executes the marketing campaign continuously throughout the day and night, seeking out new target markets in different time zones.

The "User Interface" has been designed for simple, ease of use.
"Karen, who sells Faberge eggs on Etsy has increased her sales by using Tweet Eye to identify and attract people in Twitter interested in Faberge Eggs"

Tweet Eye TEAM

Christopher Collins - Co-founder and expert in Data Analysis
Barbara Heneghan - Customer Interface and Marketing
John Turner - Sales and Business scaling
Joseph LaRocco - Legal and Compliance

The Team has published three social media marketing books

"Listening and showing appreciation to early supporters is essential, value the others around you who do get the concept and encourage you through the difficult times and give you ideas. Always be respectful to your early supporters.- Chris Collins (Co-founder).

As of 11 April 2018, Barbara has been invited to meet the President of Ireland and his wife (Sabina Higgins) to celebrate Female Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Creativity and the Sustainable Economy.

Wandering with Gary sends out Best Wishes and hearty Congratulations!!!

This is me...... and this is my story. :)

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  1. No Foolin' Tweet Eye is the eye to the future and your success, my ebpn has jumped up from 50 a day to 1000 views a day and I am just new and getting started !!