Wandering with Gary: Writer's Block

Wandering with Gary: Writer's Block: It is ironic that I am writing about “Writers Block”, as I am experiencing the exact phenomena. I have great stories to tell...

Who am I?

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Who am I?

Well, I am a Superhero (in my own world of course)...

Currently, I reside in the gorgeous city of Cape Town, South Africa. I was schooled here, attending the prestigious South African College School (more commonly know as SACS - the oldest school in the country, by the way). I have traveled a bit, most notably to the Emerald Isle (Ireland) and was lucky enough to have lived and learned there for 2 years on separate occasions.

The majestic view of Table Mountain, Cape Town

Back home in Cape Town, I have spent the last 19 years working my way up the greasy ladder of the Restaurant trade, from washing dishes, mopping floors to waiting on tables, drinking my way through bars, studying cooking, learning to grill and all the way up to the echelons of Senior Management, where I currently assume the duties of a General Manager.


Yes, the Hospitality Industry holds a certain passion and love/hate relationship for me, but it is in writing that I become fully alive. It is in writing that I can create my own worlds and slide from seriousness into fantasy and wherever else I fancy, it is in writing that I can become me, for all I am worth.

I have a passion for writing, I have a passion for cooking, I have a passion for people (just not stupid people - work in a restaurant and you will understand the meaning of this) and I have a passion for traveling and for Life as I know it.

This blog will hopefully allow me to grow my writing whilst sharing my experiences with humans around the globe.

My mom (L) is going to probably kill me
for putting this picture up

This is me...... and this is my story. :)