New Poetry

I was asked to write about the theme "Resist & Recover". I was a bit stumped at first as to what to write, so I wrote two styles:

Resist & Recover (2018)
© wanderingwithgary 

Refusing to accept the
Emptiness of life,
Searching for love, objecting to the
Injustice of
Sorrow and

Round here, around the corner an
Emotional strength
Coming together
Over-riding all
Violence, an
Relief of pain

Resist & Recover (2018)
© wanderingwithgary 

Farewell to the red stained rains,
A pair of white crosses left in the trails,
of star-crossed lovers
Looking up to
Blue Skies

A homestead empty of all love,
To resist death,
is to recover Life.

To resist Violence,
Is to recover Peace 

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  1. And I'm proud to say that both these works will debut on 25 May 2018 at the Grand Opening Art Exhibition entitled "Resist and Recover" in Alexandria, Washington DC in the States, alongside the diptyche oil painting "For Faith and Country" by Lynda Cookson. Together, Gary and I chose to focus on the horrific farm murders taking place in South Africa.