The Peacock

Imagine a room full of colour, contrasting and complementing. Every colour you can think of. Now imagine one of the most colourful birds in the world showing off, spreading their feathers, "peacocking" around.

Peacock Nail Art

The Peacock Indian Tapas Restaurant and Bar exudes colour in both visual and taste.

"We believe that food is best enjoyed when it is shared" - Andrew Williams (Founder)
Andrew Williams, a Welshman, but Cape Town bred, has created an Indian-inspired tapas restaurant that is not something you will come across very often. They are all about passion and the unexpected.

Taking the idea of snacks or 'tapas' of Spain, the dishes have been created to be shared and enjoyed across different palettes. The theme is to take local South African and Indian dishes and create innovative twists on them, taking inspiration from cuisines the world over.

The decor is eye-catching, with contrasting colours on the walls, eye-popping abstract art and all in all, simple in nature.

I sat down salivating with anticipation. The aromas emanating from the kitchen are the perfect Aperitif, already teasing my taste buds.

Carlo, large in welcoming personality and character leads the floor staff from the front. I was welcomed as if I was visiting the home of a long-time friend and I felt right at home.

I was tempted to start at the top of the menu and work my way through and although Carlo welcomed this, he deftly introduced me to the dishes I should try. The Breyani Chicken Rissoles caught my attention... Oh My Word!!! The flavours are subtle, yet intense at the same time, but not overpowering at all. The Mint Raita that accompanies the dish, cools and enhances the flavours.

Chicken Breyani Rissole
"Breyani - A spicy South Asian mixed rice with its origins among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent"
I needed an extra napkin, my taste buds were becoming over-enthuastic.....

Masala Fish Tacos
The Masala Fish Tacos take inspiration from Mexico, the simple Poppadoms with dips is classic Indian and the Tandoori Lamb Cutlets... well, I was the proverbial dog with the Lamb bone - if only bones were edible.


Tandoori Lamb Cutlets
And there is still Dessert....

My problem is that I have a rather sweet tooth, although "Gary and the Chocolate Factory" just does not have the same ring to it.

The Kulfi and Chilli Chocolate Mousse pot are my favourites. Two completely different flavour profiles and not overly sweet. They are the perfect way to close out a meal that took me on a journey around the world via India.

This is a perfect venue for small functions and birthdays.

This is me...... and this is my story :)


  1. Wow - this Peacock is definitely worth a detour for! Well written, Gary G, my taste buds are also getting enthusiastic now!

  2. Thank you Alan. teasing the taste buds and pleasuring them is what The Peacock is all about. :)