Naiobi's Olive

Naiobi's Olive is about wholesome holistic personal care.
A range of natural and rustic products that are founded on the principles of traditional homemade care remedies. Made only from natural raw butters, oils, powders and herbs. Scented only with pure essential oils. The ingredients we use are simple but effective, natural, easily understood and easy to research. Our mission is beauty that goes beyond the aesthetic. Our products promote the healing and soothing of skin and the rejuvenation, repair and growth of hair. We are invested in wellness, health and beauty. Inspired by nature.
Ingredients used are raw and natural. Allergies are natural to some ingredients so please test the product on a small area of your skin, perhaps the back of your hand, before use. All ingredients are food grade, however, do not taste or consume as they are scented with natural oils which are only to be consumed under the direction of a Medical Practitioner.

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A rich nourishing hair and skin milk with olive
oil, aloe vera and natural lecithin. A softening, gentle
moisturiser that will leave your skin feeling kissed
and loved by nature. It will leave your hair silky and alive.

$12.00 each

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

A gently exfoliating scrub with the natural antibacterial
properties of carob powder to eliminate acne-causing
bacteria, the skin softening and nourishing effects of
cinnamon, and the blemish clearing power of orange

$7.00 each

Herbed Clay

Bentonite clay, lovingly coined. Nature's magnet attaches itself to
bacteria, fungus and environmental polutants and then flushes them out
when rinsed off. Added to purified water it makes an effective
face mask that will leave pores cleansed and reduced, leaving behind the
appearance of a lifted visage. Also a useful addition to DIY hair treatments

$8.00 each

Conditioning Mousse
(Not available internationally)

A natural deep conditioning treatment that will feed your
hair with necessary essentials. Filled with oils that penetrate
the hair shaft to fortify and nourish. With added apple cider vinegar
and honey to moisten and improve shine and overall health of hair
and scalp; neem powder and bentonite clay to strengthen and define
natural curl patterns; and hemp protein to support hair growth.

R124.00 each
**Not Available outside of South Africa**

Whipped Butter

A softening and hydrating hair food and skin polish with Shea,
Cocoa and Avocado butter. This raw three way-butter will moisturize
tresses, treat dandruff and revive heat damaged hair.
Use to relieve dry skin, acne, eczema, fade dark marks and protect
from harmful sun rays naturally.

$16.00 each

Coco & Flax

A blend of omega 3 fatty acid and the healing antibacterial properties
of coconut oil. Beautifully moisturises the skin, clearing away stubborn skin
blemishes. Helps to prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

$12.00 each

Herbal Infusions Nettles

Virgin Oil slowly infused with stinging nettles for up to 3 months makes
this a powerful and concentrated remedy for broken, weak and damaged hair.
Particularly useful in the repair of fragile thinning hairlines. The Nettles treat
scalp inflammation to prevent hair loss and help in the regrowth of new hair.

$8.00 each

Hemp & Coco

The wonderfully moisturising effects of hemp and avocado oil couched
in coconut oil are deeply nourishing for the skin. Added marjoram and
rosemary essential oils make it a perfect aroma therapeutic massage oil. Useful for easing
headaches and stress. As a hair oil, Hemp & Coco aids in improved circulation of
the scalp and thus promotes hair growth and improves hair thickness
for all round scalp health.

$13.00 each

Moisturizing Spritz

A rosewater and basil based spritz with aloe vera and apple cider vinegar.
A wonderful cleanser and detangler that will cut through product build up build-up,
improve shine and disinfect scalp. A cool and gentle face cleanser and toner.
Rosewater is a gentle astringent particularly useful in clearing oil blocked

$7.00 each

Lippy Stuff

Luscious lips with shea butter and natural beeswax. This soft lip care
will deeply treat and nourish lips to leave them plucky and moisturized.

$5.00 each

African Black Soap

A wonderfully healing skin cleanser that will thin fine lines,
even out dark spots, treat eczema and razor bumps. Works beautifully
as a hair cleanser that almost magically decreases dandruff. This specific
mix is enhanced with cold pressed Castor Oil and raw Camwood powder
for that extra bit of skin radiance.

$12.00 each

Handcrafted Soap

With a pure glycerin soap base, our soaps are made with edible fresh herbs,
spices and powders; all of which are indicated in the treatment of common skin
ailments. Expect to naturally disinfect, kill bacterial and fungal agents, and reduce
inflammation, all whilst pampering yourself.

$5.00 each

Clay Wash

A Clay-infused whole body and hair wash that will cleanse
without stripping the scalp and skin of their vital natural oils. Clay is
nature's magnet because of its ability to draw out impurities from the deeper
layers of the skin. Enjoy a deep cleansing with this product that is
gentle enough to use daily.

$9.00 each

Natural Deo

A natural alternative deoderant made with simple and mostly
edible ingredients, that will absorb moisture, kill odour-causing bacteria
and reduce perspiration.

$4.00 each

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