Countryside Wanderings


A small wine growing and farming community.

Arriving on Friday afternoon, and settling into our cottages at Grietjiesdrif, located in the dramatic Slanghoek Valley, just over an hours drive from Cape Town.

A place of raw beauty, flowing vineyards and landscapes teasing you at every turn to paint and capture them, be it digitally or on the white story-telling canvas.

I had the pleasure of seeing this beauty first-hand. My best friend was getting married this weekend (but that's a story for another time).

It was time to relax and drink in the views surrounding us. I got very drunk walking around, so much beauty. The simple life of the countryside is overwhelming.

It was a very chilled Friday evening, soaking up the surrounds and creating memories with friends old and new. I would love to say that it ended up being an early night, but with the average age of twenty seven years, three o'clock was deemed early enough for bed.... my old body was confused.

I awoke on a stunning Saturday morning. Ominous rain clouds had crept in overnight, but the wind had fallen still. They say good things happen when it rains. This was true. Saturday the 10th of March 2018, will forever be etched into my memory as a day where love proved to all, that it is real, you can touch it and it brings so many unique people together to celebrate it.

The slopes of the surrounding mountains run seamlessly into flowing vineyards intersected by rugged dirt tracks, each awaiting an adventurer to arrive.

The adventure is a journey of one's own. I found peace in the stillness, the vibrant sounds of all of natures little creatures and myself wandering around in a dream-like state.

I was in heaven in the country-side and with my family of friends 

This is me...... and this is my story. :)


  1. What very real images you have conjured in your superb writing, Gary! Makes me feel quite homesick for the Cape!

    1. Thank you. I greatly appreciate your feedback.